Personal Training in Norwich

Personal Training

All personal training is held at our private gym north of the City with private parking, offering full shower & changing facilities stocked with plenty of toiletries - making lunch break training easier to squeeze in - we will even Pop the kettle on!

Your Personal Training sessions will be tailored to your goals making use of our fully equipped gym, training can also be taken outside in our private garden.

Our adaptable friendly approach to training means we cater for all fitness levels, whether you are new to working out, struggle with confidence or you are a seasoned fitness lover who just want to improve on something specific to having that extra push.

We are very people centred and seeing YOU achieve your goals is what we are most passionate about.

Our trainers
Brad Fisher – Head Coach
Brad Fisher – Head Coach

I studied at Gresham’s School from the age of four until eighteen. I loved every moment of it; primarily because of the amount of sport we played each week. Fitness and sport have always played a major role in my life.

After I left school I knew I wanted to help people achieve their fitness goals and accomplish sporting success. I have been in the fitness industry for 12 years and my work has varied greatly. I have helped people with weight issues, worked on specific sporting requirements and have helped people rehabilitate and recover from injury.

I have also been fortunate to work with sporting stars such as ex-England footballer, Dean Ashton, and a young and aspiring Leicester Tigers rugby player.

My specialties are weight management and nutrition. Diets do not have to be dull – they can be delicious and should be sustainable and not a quick fix!

Training should be fun and I like to keep things interesting by varying each and every session, while ensuring the whole body is targeted each and every time.

I love to teach clients how to lift, enabling them to use what they learn in my sessions to be taken into any gym environment, knowing they are less likely to injure themselves and also see results from doing exercises correctly.

I am Dad to Rosie and Molly so know first hand how hard it is to train and eat healthy whilst being sleep deprived and exhausted! If you are a new Mum or Dad I emphasise and can help you find your focus and still manage to train whilst balancing home life.

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What my clients have to say

"I'm not going to lie, my first PT session was HARD. To start off with, I had to get dropped off because I was so nervous. I spent the whole morning shaking. I have no idea what Brad must have thought as I walked up to the door, with my shoulders up by my ears, but he was really friendly and made me feel relaxed. Afterwards, I was sweating, exhausted and aching but I felt so much better. Even just being able to chit chat between reps was a mini achievement for me. Since then I've lost around a stone in weight, and I'm the strongest I've ever been. I've made it to bootcamp by myself (a few times at least), and I'm more confident. I still get anxious but thanks to Brad I actually enjoy exercise now." Victoria

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Personal Training in Norwich
Personal Training in Norwich
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