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Ladies Fitness

Ladies That Lift

A programme that is designed to help you with the basics of lifting giving you the confidence to be able to walk into a gym and know the correct techniques and skills to be able to lift effectively and to help prevent injury.

Maybe you come to the Bootcamp sessions but struggle with the equipment due to weak upper body strength? If so then this will definitely help.

Brad is passionate about seeing Ladies lift and uses his many years of experience to enable you to feel the value of the many benefits of lifting.

Not just for our fitness and strength but as we get older this is a great way to increase bone density which is a major factor with many of today’s bone diseases.

Plus there is something very rewarding about not just feeling stronger but realizing that strong is beautiful and empowering!

Great environment to work out in
"Lifting doesn’t make you look like a bodybuilder or have big bulging muscles, it makes you stronger, confident, toned and actually I came away at the end of every class feeling great. Brads sessions are brilliant, they’re motivational and encouraging, I felt very welcome as someone who is new to NFC. It’s a great environment to work out in, everyone is friendly and we had a laugh as well. I’m really looking forward to the next course would encourage anyone who is still unsure about signing up to sign up, believe me you won’t regret it!"
Lisa who attended Ladies That Lift
Ladies That Box

Ladies That Box will give you the confidence to walk into a session knowing how to make the most of any Boxing for fitness class.

You will learn skills & techniques in a small group setting allowing you to work at your own pace with plenty of 121 attention.

The programme is great for anyone who has never boxed giving you a really good learning experience right from scratch where you will be taught footwork, punches & combinations, speed & power techniques increasing your enjoyment to any boxing session.

If you already box then this will also be good for you to go back over the basics of pad work, punches, footwork techniques that sometimes are not given much time in busy classes but add all this to what you know already and you will really be able to increase in power, speed and fitness levels.

With Boxing being such a popular workout it can be daunting to just walk into a class or maybe you prefer the all female type class, this will be perfect for you.

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