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What’s stopping you?

Is there something you keep saying you want to do?

Do you often find yourself saying “I wish I could ... “ or seeing someone do something and think you wish you could do the same?

If there’s one thing that’s been my driving force it’s been any time I’ve wished I could if I really wanted to do it then I have to at least try!

Going off to London to pursue what seemed like a crazy thought of turning my passion and love for boxing into a career was one of the most scariest things I’ve ever done!

If I had let fear stop me I wouldn’t now be doing a job I love .

I see fear holding people back all the time, staying in your comfort zone will never allow you to discover so much more, it will hold you back from discovering new things you may just love, the very thing that will bring you the change you have been wanting to see.

I could have let fear stop me from lifting weights because of a back problem and had I done; I would never have discovered that the very thing I feared was the one thing to strengthen and resolve my back problems.
It just took someone to encourage me to give it a go so I’m paying it back and encouraging you to do the same.

We are offering a week of free classes next week but how many of you have seen it but too scared to take us up on the offer? You’ve let fear of meeting new people, or allowed thoughts that you’re too unfit, will be the biggest or weakest in the class etc stop you from getting out of your comfort zone

I’m challenging you to take the plunge, make a decision you WILL NOT allow fear and anxiety stop you from discovering something you may well love, maybe lifting weights is the very thing you will fall in love with, when you discover how beautifully empowering being strong is or feeling like the weight has been lifted off your shoulders after a boxing session leaving you feeling more confident and happy?

Question is ..” Will you allow fear stop you or will you make the decision to go for it?”

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