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Keep It Simple!

Never has there been so much pressure from social media, celebrities etc who all have an opinion on how to get fit, stay in shape, lose weight etc..

When I first trained as a PT I made the mistake of believing anything anyone said who was in the industry, I soon learnt that you would go crazy trying to keep up with everyone’s opinion and the best bit of advise I ever had was from Brad who told me “just keep it simple”
It was a relief when that suddenly made sense, that I didn’t need to think so much, that I didn’t need to know everything, that I didn’t need to do what the next person was doing just because it was working for them!
So here are some of the things I have learnt and still learning, I hope it will help you to enjoy your training and take the pressure off making it so complicated …

1. Just because someone is a celebrity it doesn’t mean the video they have posted on Instagram of their top moves are correct, I have seen some shocking videos lately which have incorrect form, technique and clearly is just their own opinion and doesn’t mean its correct. Follow reputable knowledgeable people who are in the fitness industry, here are a few of my favourites -

2. There is so much pressure to train in a certain way and so many rules – “Never miss a Monday” Wednesday – Hump Day, “Never miss two days in a row” etc …
Let’s be realistic! No one is going to die if you miss a Monday, your legs aren’t going to train harder just because it’s a Wednesday! Personally I don’t like missing training on a Monday because I feel it sets me off to a good start to the week and I’m more likely to keep everything else balanced if I do, but sometimes that doesn’t happen and that’s ok. Just make sure you stay disciplined and do train but that can be fitting in a run, it can be yoga, lifting weights etc

3. Keep it enjoyable, I felt the pressure when I used to think one day had to be upper body, another for legs etc, I found I really wasn’t enjoying training, I was just getting it done and I lost my motivation, I realised that I trained harder when I experimented with new exercises and did what I enjoyed, that doesn’t mean I stuck to just the easy option for training, I still do the exercises I don’t like so much as I know I need to but I mixed things up a bit.

4. Listen to your body – Just because you are doing a squat and you don’t like doing them, don’t rush the move, take your time to find out where you can feel the exercise working your body, so much time is wasted on training with rushing exercises just to get it done but when you don’t train effectively you just wasted your training. Find out where you should feel it, if you are training with us ask us questions. If something doesn’t feel right, act on it, don’t push your body when you know something isn’t right. Posture plays a big part on how you train, that’s where some of our classes will help you to discover things that need adapting.

5. Comparison! It’s a killer of motivation! Just remember when you train alongside others, everyone is on their own fitness journey, just because someone is lifting heavier than you it doesn’t mean you have to, after all someone may have spent most of their life in the gym, maybe lifting heavy but doesn’t necessarily mean they are dong it right, so take the time to learn, start slow and steady, get the basics right and work your way up. But just remember someone will always be fitting, stronger and leaner, that’s not going to change so the sooner you get your head focused on you and you alone the more confident you will become.

6. This leads me on to focus – so many times I have lost my focus, mainly due to thinking I have got to be conforming a certain way, there has been times I have lost my confidence, as a PT I felt I have put huge pressure on myself to know so much more, thinking I have to be able to do everything, well here is a massive confession, I am still crap at press ups!!! So what! Will it end my career? NO! Will you respect me less? I don’t think so but at one time I thought you would!

7. Goals! Yep that word that’s thrown around every January! But here’s the thing! Without a goal, you have no aim and as I always tell people, its like walking around a supermarket not knowing what you are looking for! You walk out with a load of things you don’t need and without the very thing you did need! Why? Because you didn’t make a plan, you weren’t organised and so you were all over the place and don’t ever achieve what you needed to achieve.

8. Climb a mountain! Well maybe not literally! I do actually have a mountain to climb in April the highest in the Azores and yes it sounded like a good idea at the time! But its made me look at my training, I have something specific to work towards so I have researched the best way to train, taken from it which I think is applicable to me and now I feel so much more focused, I am on a mission to go on this trip feeling fitter and stronger and working on the areas I know I am weak, so what I am saying is setting yourself a challenge could be the very thing that has you focus on something, it’s a specific goal to work towards so you may not climb a mountain but maybe it’s a run, a triathlon etc

9. Don’t worry and stress less! Easier said than done I know, I think in the last few months I have stressed more than ever and sometimes I didn’t even realise it until I was reaching for the rescue remedy when I got to a point of feeling like I was struggling to breathe! For us girls particularly stress plays havoc with your body, it loves the cortisol hormone and hangs around our middles, which causes more stress! So how can you help yourself! Well the main thing is exercise, even if it’s a run or brisk walk outside, get yourself to a class even if you don’t feel like it, it will help. Its hard I know but also talk to someone, I have never been great at really talking about the things I struggle with, comes from being a headstrong independent single Mum! But it really does help to meet a friend for a coffee or workout together! Of course I am going to also mention the best stress reliever is BOXING!

10. Finally! Diet … its simple! if you eat too much, drink too much you will not see results! Lets face it, we all know when we have drank our calories away, eaten one too many cakes, chips, etc so if you are serious about seeing a change in your body, clean up your eating, experiment with foods, don’t put pressure on with what you have got to eat but again enjoy it and find what works for you.

One last thing, you are not defined by shape or size, you are you and that is absolutely ok x

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