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Healthy Goals

Make your goals healthy ones!

So many of us make our goals focused around weight loss but your body needs you to focus on so much more and when you do it will have an impact on losing those inches!

Here’s a few of my top things to consider this year when thinking about goals.

1. Water - drink more! Water helps every organ in our bodies. . It helps our kidneys remove waste from our bloodstream and even mild dehydration leaves you feeling sluggish and tired. It’s often when we get tired that we eat junk or just grab something quick so consider increasing your water intake and you may just find you are eating better!

2. Eat more veg - instead of focusing on the scales try and add more non starchy vegetables into your diet like green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, all of which are lower in calories, more fibre and here’s the big benefit - more filling!

3. Get moving - exercise helps reduce risk of nearly every disease especially diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease etc:
Start with parking the car further away from shops, taking stairs instead of the elevator, get out and walk, run in your lunch breaks, join us for classes where the group motivation will keep you going.

4. Sleep - one of the things that effects us all when we have a lack of it. Try and get into a bed time routine, don’t sit on your phone before bed, a warm bath with lavender. Again being tired from lack of sleep effects your eating so getting in a few more hours sleep will keep you from grabbing the biscuits when you hit a mid afternoon slump!

5. Stress management - too much stress is unhealthy as it releases the hormone cortisol which has a negative effect on blood pressure and our metabolism. Taking time out even for 10 minutes particularly in the fresh air will help clear your mind and of course exercise will help you to bring clarity to a stressful situation with releasing some of those healthy endorphins!

6. Strengthen weak points - I often hear people say my balance is terrible or my core is weak. How about setting one of your goals focusing on an area you struggle in? Perfecting a badly formed plank will make a big difference, working on your balance now will save you struggling as you get older. Lifting weights can help your core strength so maybe changing the way you train is something you need to look at.

7. Cut back on alcohol consumption. Not only does too much alcohol effect your liver but has a negative effect on your weight and performance. If you don’t want to take it out all together then how about cutting down.

So there you have 7 things to consider when thinking about losing weight to help you see there is so much more to consider when thinking of losing those inches.

In short, eat well, train well, sleep well and try and keep on top of stress.

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