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How often do we put ourselves under pressure? A lot of the time it’s because we have left things to the last minute then wanted a quick fix or worse ... just given up!

Sounds familiar? Christmas is around the corner so how many of you are now thinking about fitting into that party outfit? Maybe your New Year resolution didn't make it past the first month of the year!

This is when we can put ourselves under pressure and for some take drastic action with the latest diet craze which promises you to drop a dress size by Christmas!

But .... take the pressure off, don't make your fitness journey a 100 mile an hour race but take each day, set aside goals for the day, week and month and just make wise decisions with your food intake and exercise regime.

When we apply pressure to ourselves it becomes a chore instead of enjoying the journey and seeing it as a healthy lifestyle and often set ourselves up for failure.

When we eat well, we train well, we sleep well, it’s all about balance. When one thing is out of balance it effects everything.
If over or under eating is your weak point then set time aside to plan your meals for the week ahead.

The internet and social media are great for finding healthy meal options to finding alternatives, make the most of it and experiment with new ideas. Food is not meant to be all chicken and broccoli just because you want to shift a few pounds, if you don’t enjoy what you eat you will give up, so set yourself up to succeed.

Exercise, yes it can be tough and the hardest thing this time of year is getting it done, the excuses far outweigh the actual training, we see and hear it all!

If you want results then get it done, no excuses, find a work out buddy to hold you accountable or just book and pay upfront for your classes so you’re more likely to get there!

All our small group training classes are pre-bookable so why not plan a week full of classes and whilst you are at it, try something different to mix things up a bit. We offer boxing, lifting, circuits or get outdoors and see why so many enjoy Bootcamp!

Yes ...We can help you drop a dress size by Christmas but it won’t be a crazy quick fix, it will require sheer determination, sticking with training and eating well, but if you want to keep the weight off longer than just to fit into your party outfit, then this is the way to do it!

Oh, by the way, we as trainers have the same struggles as you, we are as human as you! We have to schedule in when to train and sometimes make ourselves do it, so we do know how it feels but one thing I would say is I always feel better for it and that’s what drives me to do it!

In the words of Nike … JUST DO IT!

We are here to help you if you need us.

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