The Importance Of Resistance Training.

THE IMPORTANCE OF RESISTANCE TRAINING Sometimes known as strength training or weight lifting, many people (women in particular) believe that this form of training will make them hairy, muscular and in need of a beard trimmer. However, asking someone to chose between...

Do Sit-ups Give You A Flat Stomach?

Do Sit-ups Give You A Flat Stomach? This miscopnception was the inspiration behind the title of my book, “From Flab to Fab” as it is a question i have been asked hundreds of times. The false belief that performing hundreds of sit-ups every day in an effort to flatten...

Women And Weights.

WOMAN AND WEIGHTS I’ve just spent the weekend away with my Mum at Champneys and was looking forward to trying out some different fitness sessions. However things didn’t quite go to plan! it was a first come first served basis with restricted numbers! It reminded me...

Comparison Kills Your Identity

Comparison kills your identity I don’t know many people who at some point or other haven’t compared themselves to someone else. When I went away to do my PT training it was so hard, here I was in my 40's retraining with a load of 20 somethings! All I knew was I loved...

The Power Of Team.

THE POWER OF TEAM Having just watched “Special forces Ultimate Hell Week” I felt a blog coming on!! I’ve gone between being slightly in awe of those who go on such shows simply because they like a “challenge” to thinking they are completely mad! For those who haven’t...

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