Comparison kills your identity
I don’t know many people who at some point or other haven’t compared themselves to someone else.

When I went away to do my PT training it was so hard, here I was in my 40’s retraining with a load of 20 somethings! All I knew was I loved to box, loved different ways to keeping fit, was not a gym bunny at all! and I knew I wanted without a doubt to help people get fit by finding it fun and not a chore.

I was only a few days into training and as I sat listening the trainer may as well have been speaking in a foreign language, everything went over my head and then we hit the gym! My least favorite place in all honesty! I had no interest in training on one machine after another, didn’t have a clue about most of it and wanted to run a million miles away!

Part of my trouble was I compared myself to others, I watched at how confident they were and was slowly as the week went on becoming less and less confident, why? Mainly because I took my focus off why I was there, why I wanted to become a Personal Trainer, it wasn’t to be like the other 20 year old’s, it was to train others only as I could do, to just be me, not look or sound like someone else.

We all have something to offer but we compare the journey we are on to the next person when we are all travelling different roads, we are who we are and not meant to be someone else!

Once qualified the comparison didn’t stop there, I really lost my way when I suddenly put huge pressure on myself to be better, to be stronger, to be fitter and to be good at everything, I felt like I had to be so much better than I was, don’t get me wrong all of those are good to improve in but only if done in a healthy way, not in a way because you are striving to be like someone else or comparing yourself to others around you.

I was causing myself so much stress, even sleepless nights and I was close to giving up, I was losing who I was, I lost my why and all sight of how I could even do it!

Next time you are tempted to compare yourself to someone else maybe in a class don’t!, you almost have to put blinkers on and only focus on what you can do. Someone will always be pushing out press ups better than me, does that make me a bad trainer – no, does it make me weak – maybe. its not my strongest area! What it does mean is I can work at improving for me and focus on that and not how many the next person is doing!

Comparison only robs you of your identity and leave you losing your way, I love how we have such an amazing culture of “team” at NFC, today’s run was a prime example of different running abilities but it didn’t hold anyone back, when it got tough on the hardest hills we all starting shouting each other on, we pulled together, it actually didn’t matter one bit who was an experienced runner or not, it didn’t matter who was slower who was faster as we were all out there giving it our all and enjoying (well most of it)!

So going back to my very reason of why I became a Personal Trainer, it was so I could help others believe they can achieve so much more, that they can find fitness fun, that they can run, box, lift and find confidence and love who they are, that they can find their self worth and enjoy being with others of all abilities without worrying about what they can and cant do!

I’m just very fortunate to have found such an amazing place to work where I can meet so many wonderful people to journey with.

Lets keep going and enjoy fitness in whatever way that may be, climbing rope ( I still haven’t mastered that one!( boxing, lifting, bootcamps to a sweaty HIIT session, lets enjoy what we do!

Don’t waste time and energy worrying about what someone else is doing, enjoy the moment, don’t miss it and lets have fun getting fitter, stronger, healthier together for ourselves.

One Team, the best team – NFC!